Tutorial: Easy Machine Quilt Binding

I wanted to share with you a quick tutorial about how to quickly and securely bind your quilt by machine. With this quilt, I wanted a binding that was thin as I wanted the quilt to stand out. It just adds a little fun. And it was super easy and fast. It works best with low loft quilts or cotton batting.

I used it on this lovely Bizzy Kid Quilt I made for my daughter.

Learn how to quickly and easy bind a quilt with your sewing machine

After I squared of my quilt, I like to secure all layers by stitching around the edge with a 1/8″ seam allowance. You can do that with a walking foot or one that you see below that lets you adjust the width of the seam allowance.


Next, cut 2″ strips from the fabric you want as your binding. My quilt was 48″x60″ and my width of fabric was 44″ so I needed to cut 6 strips. To calculate your binding fabric requirements, you can use this simple binding calculator. I did not cut them on bias, but just straight lines with a quilting ruler. Cut off the selvages of your stripes.

Now, you make the binding strip by placing two strip ends right sides together in a 90 degree angle and stitch them diagonally together on the straight line (it helps to mark them before with a water-soluble pen or chalk). Cut along the dotted line – about 1/2″ from the seam. Press open and repeat with all strips until you have one long strip.

Make the Binding Strip

Fold your binding in the middle with wrong sides together lengthwise and iron as you go. Now we are ready to attach the binding.

Place the raw edge of the binding strip on the raw bottom edge on the front side of your quilt. Pin about 5″ in – that marks your starting point.


Now, stitch all around it with a 1/4″ seam allowance. I used my adjustable foot to make sure I use 1/4″ every time. When you come to a corner, back-stitch about 1/4″ before the edge. Clip the threads. Turn your quilt and old the binding twice like in the pictures below.

IMG_2276 IMG_2277

Start stitching again with a back-stitch at the edge of the quilt with a 1/4″ seam allowance. When you come to the end (about 10″ to go to the pin you placed in the beginning) lay your binding strips so they meet in the middle. Fold back the rest. Press down with your fingers to mark the spot. Clip it with about 1/2″ seam allowance on each end. Open the binding strips, and place them together the right sides facing each other. Stitch together. Press seams open. And now you should have something like this:


Fold it back together and finish stitch the binding to the front. Okay, so far so good. Now you either finish the back by hand or… you can just use your machine!

Just leave your quilt with the top side up and use your adjustable foot to stitch exactly in the ditch. Just fold over the binding to the back – not too loose and not to tight, just so it goes around nicely snug. You can pin, pin, pin or just wing it. If it will bother you that your back is a a bit uneven, please pin your heart out or use Clover Clips. Go slowly and stitch into the seam you created before. After a few inches turn the part you just did and check your results. The stitch should sit nice and neatly on the outside of the back binding.


I hope you have fun binding your quilts!!!


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  2. What kind of foot did you use in the last picture?

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