Taggie Blanket Tutorial – DIY Beginner Baby Present

DIY Taggie Blanket - Finished

Need a quick gift for a baby shower? Bringing over a hot meal to your friend who just had a baby and want add a little something? Taggie Blankets are super-easy and fast to sew beginner-friendly projects that are fun to make and give instant satisfaction. They are also high in demand baby present because babies love to play with the tags and the colors and textures are stimulating their little senses but also give something cuddly to hold onto.

1) Let get going by gathering our supplies

DIY Baby Taggie Blanket - Gather your supplies

10″ x 10″ Quilting cotton scrap – I used Riley Blake Sunny Happy Skies Yellow Stripes

10″ x 10″ Riley Blake Dreamy (Minky) – I used Riley Blake Sunny Happy Skies Dreamy Pink Main and Riley Blake Scoot Dreamy Main Blue

12 5″-6″ Riley Blake Sew Together Ribbons

Pins, Sewing Machine, Coordinating Thread

If you do not have fabric scraps in that size, you can use Fat Quarters and make a bigger blanket or just cut the fabric in 10″ x 10″ squares.

2) Pin ribbons

Fold 11 of your 12 ribbon stripes in half and pin it on your cotton fabric as shown in the picture.

DIY Taggie Blanket - Pin ribbons Taggie Blaknet DIY

3) Stitch around the Taggie Blanket

Place the minky square on top of the cotton square facing right sides together. Pin plenty as minky tends to slip. You might want to use a walking foot, but a normal foot also works. Starting and ending always with a back-stitch, stitch around the taggie blankie leaving around 6″ open in the middle of one side. Clip the corners. I stitch at least twice over the ribbons to make sure they are secured tightly.

DIY Taggie Blanket Stitch around


DIY Taggie Blankie - Clip corners

4) Turn taggie blanket inside out

Carefully insert your hand and take out the pins one by one. Turn your taggie blankie right side out and use a chopstick to carefully poke out the corners. Pull on all tags to make sure they are all fully out and secured.


5) Stop-stitch around

Gently tuck the raw edges of your opening inside. Fold your remaining ribbon in half and tuck it in the middle of your opening and pin in place from the outside. Top-stitch all around very close to the edge, closing the opening. Back-stitch to secure your thread. Remove the pin. Clip your threads. Repeat for more blankets!


DIY Taggie Blaknet




  1. One thing you could add to this project is a square of a cereal bag on the inside, so when the baby squeezes the taggie blanket it makes a crunchy sound.

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful tutorial I just used it to make the very first thing I have sewn for my 3 and half month old baby girl 🙂

  3. Hi, I just found this tutorial and it’s so helpful, thank you! I was wondering, could you do this with two scraps of cotton quilting instead of one of them being minky? i’m new to this and not sure the reason for using minky. Thanks for your help!

  4. I just made this for my 7 month old. I used some cute cloud/rainbow flannel from Joanns and a pink chevron on the back! It turned out super cute. But I cut my ribbons exactly as you stated, I did 6 5inch ones and 6 6inch ones, and they are very long even when folded in half. I’ve already sewn it all together so I can’t fix it, but I worry her little hand will get stuck in the ribbon loop.

    • Hannah Eisenberg says:

      Thanks for your comment – yes you always want to be careful with that. You could stitch the ribbon together about half-way up.

  5. kevanna says:

    Where did you get that little helicopter fabric?? Does it have a name, I love it so much!

  6. Hello! thank you for the tutorial! I’ve linked you on my blog 🙂

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